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Sat down today to watch this weeks videos and drop some comments (which I haven't been keeping up on lately..sorry for that) while I waited for my hair to dry.All was going just fine until I received a text from one of our schedulers asking me to call. Which I did and now I'm (pardon the language) pissed!
I mentioned in a recent video that there was some stress in my life regarding work. This might get a bit rambly and you're free to skip it if you choose!
A few months ago we started hearing rumors about the possibility of them eliminating the night shift from the building I work in. We were eventually called in to meet with a couple people just recently that did confirm the rumor. We were guaranteed that we would retain our hours and days we would just be going to work in another building that we have clients in who receive round-the-clock care. Not really where I care to go since I did not have such a good experience with some of the aides who came to work in that building just before I went out on the injured list. But when finding a job is difficult, at least they aren't canning us so I guess I'll deal with it. As for the reason given for the change.. they felt it would cut down on the budget a little if they housed everyone who needs round-the-clock care in one building as opposed to two.Thus cutting back on the overtime needed to cover the night shift in two separate buildings.
This ended up not being the true reason though.
I guess that here would be as good a time as any to give a brief description of the building I work in. When it was first built it was an absolutely beautiful building intended to provide affordable, safe housing for the elderly and handicapped. and in the beginning it did just that. (I dated a guy whose parents rented an apartment there so I know what it was like back then). Since then it has gone through a drastic change. Yes, there are still some elderly, as well as handicapped people, who reside there but it is being over run by drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes, alcoholics, drug addicts, crack heads...let's just say..nothing good. Safety wise..not the safest place to work but as long as you mind your business and keep to yourself they go their way and you go yours.
However, since the talk of eliminating the night shift has been let out of the bag we have had some minor issues but nothing that was too much to handle until recently. One of the other girls who works the night shift had a run in with one of the residents of the building, cops were called in and all was handled. There has, in her eyes, been a bit of stalkerish behavior on his behalf but nothing more has come of it. Sometimes I think she gets a bit paranoid to be quite honest. I, personally, have had no such problems so no worries my dear friends.
Recently a local paper did an article about the building in which several residents spoke out about these issues and this, we found out, is the reason for our company making the decision to move us. They are concerned about our safety and don't want us to get hurt *note a slight hint of sarcasm here.
So to continue on...
This girl was called in to the office to have a meeting regarding this issue and while there painted a most horrific picture of this building. Now, mind you, we only had like 2 weeks left and we were going to be transferring to the other building any way. But now, because of the way she made things sound, I have to work tonight and tomorrow night on my own sitting in one room and not leaving that room unless there is an emergency call. They have removed from night care a few people who really need to be checked on for what they call 'my safety'.
What about theirs?
I'm going to do my best to keep a positive out look even though I'm none too pleased with this situation working out the way it is. Not just for myself but more so for the people I was put in charge of caring for. My safety is a small issue compared to theirs and I don't feel this is being handled properly. If they wanted to know how safe or unsafe I felt they should have asked me!
So, for now dear friends, my rant is over. I'm going to go take a few tylenol and try to get some sleep.
For anyone whose video I didn't watch and comment on...I'll be back tomorrow!
Y'all have a fantastic day!
Toodles :)
ps...and if she calls me complaining about how they just threw her over in the other building without a choice I might just want to pop her one! Sorry...but you know....



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Apr. 16th, 2016 10:24 pm (UTC)
Holy cow! Life sure can get complicated. I hope things get smoothed out for you. Meanwhile, be careful and take care of yourself.
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