anthropologically intriguing (clumsy_chord) wrote in ttmt,
anthropologically intriguing

Also, I meant to talk about this in my video, but I'm wondering if any of you would like to try out a free Craftsy class. I have a couple free class codes and I'd like to offer them to people who post videos here. They have classes of all sorts of varieties: sewing, quilting, embroidery (machine and hand), drawing, painting, photography, cooking, cake decorating, woodworking, gardening, knitting, crocheting... I'd generally prefer to give the codes to people who've never taken a class from Craftsy before, but I'll open it up to any of you, just in case there aren't three of you who are entirely new to their classes. So if any of you are interested in taking any class, just leave a comment below and if there are more than three of you, I'll draw names. (Do mention if you've taken classes before though, because you'll be at top of the drawing list, so to speak.)

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