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Talk To Me Tuesday

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Talk To Me Tuesday
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Talk to Me Tuesday is a craft oriented vlogging community.


What is TTMT?

Talk To Me Tuesday (TTMT) was started by me (Jennifer Ofenstein, aka ofenjen, owner of sewhooked.com & fandominstitches.com) as a way for a group of LiveJournal friends to interact “live” via YouTube. Each crafty vlogger shares projects, life and and a little of themselves in a weekly Show & Tell style video posted on YouTube.

I don't know you, can I still respond to your video?

Yes, absolutely! Grab a webcam, your phone (remember to use it in landscape!), a camera or camcorder & your WIPs and get talking, we’d love to meet you!

Is it okay to post on a day other than Tuesday?

It's more than okay! Post any day of the week and respond to any video you like. Tuesday gives you a weekly posting goal, but it isn't a requirement.

What kinds of crafts do TTMTers make? Can I show any kind of craft?

TTMTers make all kinds of crafts! We have quilters, cross-stitchers, knitters, crocheters, doll makers, make-up artists and loads more. You can share absolutely any kind of handmade craft.

Can I share NSFW (Not Safe For Work) crafts?

You can share anything you like, but please be courteous to other viewers and share a warning that the content you're going to show is adult-oriented and may be offensive or inappropriate for some viewers. Also check out YouTube's Terms of Service if you are unsure about the content you're posting.

Can I post a non-crafty post?

Craftiness is encouraged because it adds to the Show & Tell-ness of TTMT, but you can post anything you like because we love hearing from you, especially if you do share crafty posts regularly.

I don't know how to edit videos, can I still post mine?

Absolutely! You can record your video directly to YouTube. Videos uploaded this way are made in one take, so you might try having a cheat sheet so you don't forget anything you'd like to
say. (Also see How Do I Edit My Video)

Where and how do I post my video?

Upload your video to YouTube by clicking on the "upload" button.

Do I have to have an intro, etc., to post?

Nope, it's totally optional.

How do I edit my video ?

If you'd like to edit your video, check your computer for movie software like Windows Live Movie Maker (free download here) or iMovie. If you don't already have software, look on a trusted download source like cnet.com's for free video editing software options. There are loads of how-to videos on YouTube for both imovie and Windows Movie Maker. Another great resource is YouTube's Handbook for Producing and Uploading Your Own Videos.

Edited To Add: YouTube now offers free video editing. Here's a free How To from Google.

How do I get my video on YouTube? On Livejournal?

We have a post for that!

What tags do you recommend for my video?

When tagging your video on YouTube, use tags that are appropriate to your content like "crafts" "sewing" etc. Please use "ttmt" as a tag, too, so your video will come up in TTMT searches.

Are there icons I can post on my blog or website?

We currently only have a couple of TTMT icons, but we're happy to share! Please link icons back to the ttmt LJ community.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Do you make money from TTMT?

We don't make a red cent, though we do get lots of enjoyment seeing what you all are making!

Where else can I find TTMT?

You can join this community, Like TTMT on Facebook and join our Ravelry group and follow us on Twitter!

last updated November 22, 2013

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