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TTMT 12-10-16 (Talk to me Saturday)

Well it is 3 am here in Winston-Salem and I just wanted to check in with you guys.

This has been a very unproductive week.  Tim has had the flu or respiratory infection and I've been playing nurse.  And then I pulled a muscle in my back and was barely able to walk for a couple of days.  Went to the Dr. and found that in addition to the pulled muscle, I also had a UTI which was also making me feel crappy.  Any way, Tim's better, and after a round of antibiotics, so am I.  The back still bothers me a bit, but at least it isn't spasming now.

I'll videotape next week.  I promise.  Well, I hope.  Right now I'm going to go to bed for a few hours.  Bye!
No video, just a quick note. I decided my description of prizes was way too wishy washy, and I thought of something that would make a fun prize that I could do the same prize for both in the US or International - so I'm calling an audible and changing my prize!

Remember when I made these pillow covers for Phebe's dorm room?

If you comment on my 200th TTMT video that I posted Tuesday, December 6, that you would like to be included in my drawing, you will receive a pillow cover with the same type of opening on the back, easy to slip on and off for washing, that I make just for you! If you enter and I draw your name next Tuesday, December 13, I will ask you if you want a pillow cover in a fandom theme or just by color scheme, and then I will craft one just for you. I'm thinking maybe toss-pillow sized, like 12" - 14". That will be easy to mail to anywhere in the world. So if you want to be included in the drawing, just head back to my 200th video and comment that you would like to be entered. Must have been a member since November 6, 2016 of the TTMT Livejournal group to qualify. You must supply your own pillow.

See you Tuesday!

It's my 200th video! *throw confetti* Woohoo! But you can't hear how to enter to win a prize unless you listen all the way to the end. Muwahahaha!

TTMT 11/29/16

Woo hoo!  I'm actually posting on Tuesday!


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