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Swap Question, Answered!

A couple of you wonderful people have asked me if the crafted item(s) for your swap partner have to be in the favorite color theme. The answer is nope, they do not! As long as you incorporate the favorite color into the swap, you're golden.

If you're still crafting & collecting, have fun! If you're already done, rock on!

I'm looking forward to more show & tell videos!


Aug. 26th, 2015

Nothing interesting to show this week I'm afraid. I did make myself a lovely new laundry bag, but I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who's going to get excited about that. :P I have a couple of very different projects I'm debating doing next (I'll probably wind up doing them back-to-back), but with any luck I'll get something done this coming weekend to show of in next week's round of ttmt.

TTMT #16 Very tried Rainey


No Video until tomorrow

I decided to post my 2011 POD quilt top. As soon as it is quilted, it will have an honored spot hanging in my living room.


TTMT 16a

Short this week , but I wanted to still post to keep the momentum.

Grumpy day :(

Hi, I haven't done a video in the last couple of weeks. Everything I have been doing is a secret. I was planning on doing one tonight after work but I am in a bad bad mood. I have been watching and commenting on everyone's videos. Nice seeing what you all have been up to. I may make one tomorrow. I will say that I am happy with what I made for my partner for the swap. I hope she likes it too! Can't tell you cuz it is a secret ha ha. I plan to ship it out tomorrow. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

TTMT: 25 August 2015

So this I recorded for LAST Tuesday, but I never got around to posting it. I decided to do it today anyway because I have only been doing secret crafting the last little while anyway!

I haven't talked yet about the prize for the TTMT posters, but here's what you need to know!

There will be both a yarny prize and a fabricy prize, but neither yarn nor fabric is involved in said prizes, which will be mailed to you direct from the company that produces them. I'm not going to tell you what these potential prizes are, but the prize that's focused more toward yarn crafters is something that literally anyone in the world could use (it's just particularly great for yarn crafting fiends) and the prize that's focuses more towards fabric based crafters is something that anyone who ever uses fabric (and none of us are nudists - right? - so that's all of us) could use. But you'll still get to pick which you prefer. I'm also going to make a small something for the winner, so she'll have to let me know her favourite colours and I'll come up with something for her :D (Also, where are the dude crafters? Surely there must be someone out there who'd like to talk about what he's making. I online know a handful of male quilters, but I'd be equally happy listening to someone talk about wood-working or cross-stitching or creating chain-mail or whatever.)

TTMT #332 - Coming Soon!

Fandom in Stitches

Swap Reminder:

  • Partners were sent out Augut 11, 2015. If you haven't received yours, please check your LJ messages!

  • You are filling a 9-1/2" x 12-1/2" padded envelope with goodies for your partner using their questionnaire for guidance. Favorite color is your guide, with a few other general questions to help fill your swap.

  • Please try to make at least 25% of your swap items yourself (favorite color is especially important here). You can also include goodies from fandoms, or supplies, snacks etc., all depending on what your partner likes.

  • In the U.S., you can get flat rate padded envelopes for free from the post office. International swappers, a similar sized padded envelope is all you need.

  • Ship your package by September 8, 2015. Please email ofenjen@gmail.com or PM me when your parcel ships, with tracking information if available.


Good day all! Not quite sure if I will be posting a video this week or not.
Got up this morning to very dark skies, brightened up just as I was getting in the shower and then, no sooner I get out, skies go dark again. It's been on and off all morning.
I guess it doesn't really make too much of a difference whether I post or not as I have nothing crafty to share. Not that I haven't been working on anything..just nothing I can share at this point in time.
I considered doing a short video to share the bit 'o yarn haul from Joann's but I have shared enough yarn lately to gag a sheep! Maybe I'll share a bit of that next week.
Any way...as I always say...
I look forward to watching all of your videos. I hope you all have a wonderfully crafty week and a wonderfully crafty weekend. As for me..I'm out. As for you...it's good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good day! Whatever it is I hope it's a Great one!! I'll see you all next week (maybe even sooner). Goodbye :)
In which I show you NOTHING. But thankfully I don't ramble on like I did last week.


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