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TTMT #233 Two Uploaded in One Day...Hmmmm

So this is video number 2 going up this week....bit much?
Really need to get back on track of doing one a week but life has not been much fun :(
Sick of my job and this weather needs to take a long walk off a short pier!
I know a lot of you like the warm weather but me, personally, can't wait for Fall and Winter!

TTMT #232 Welcome to Her Treasure Box!

Bit later getting this up but life around here has been absolutely crazy! All I want is a day off to do nothing but what I want to do not a day off filled with what I have to dos!
Any way...hope you enjoy the video. Sorry for any poor lighting,etc but it's hard to know what you've got until you actually get it edited. I do plan, however,to bring the camera with me each time I visit the shop to share all the wonderful goodies to be found!
Here are some links you might like to check out to learn more about the Eyes Wide Open project as well as the store:





TTMT 45 - Upside Down and a Day Late

Wallet designed by Debbie Shore with tutorial on YouTube.


TTMT the 100th with dozmuffinxc!

Completely forgot to mention in my video that this is my 100th TTMT video! Wooot! I'll have to do something special in my next video, because I definitely already uploaded this one.

TTMT #50 & Flooding update.

Hi everyone,

Since this video on Sunday a lot has happened.

Just a quick update about our flooding in my town. We are all fine, there has been no deaths, but a lot of homes have washed away. Many homes is without electricity and water.
My home is fine (we are on top of a hill), but it rained INSIDE my son's room. And the damaged is quite bad, but the rest of the house is fine.
I couldn't leave my yard this morning, as there were trees blocking our driveway. But with some brute force from everyone, we managed to move enough of them out of the way to go to work. Yes, GO TO WORK. All the schools have closed, as several schools has severe flood damage.

They are predicting a LOT more rain with electrical storms this afternoon (Tuesday), so things might get worse, but I pray that it doesn't.

I might not be online for much longer, as the internet at work is on and off all the time. And the lights / electricity is flickering. So I will speak with everybody when I can.

Love to all.


TTMT 44B - Breaking News

Pictures of Wendy, her husband and her beautiful shop can be found on my Flickr page:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/135939524@N06/albums/72157668448498534


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